First blog post

This is the post excerpt.


Open is the door

Here I am

So, I’m posting to Twitter now. I got some bites on my posts there and started to interact with some folks and still trying to figure out what to do and how things work. I need to start posting current work but habe little to no drive on that front causeof all the life stuff happening.

Its like a stream that has some strong but steady pull to it, then I’ll get hit with some rapids and whirlpools that grab and yank me around. Then when it has done its damage and I’m almost out of strength to fight back, the calm starts to return but not all the way…then another storm comes along.

I’ve grown tired of hoping things would change…so now I am pushing myself to move onwards because there is no other way. I’m burnt out with complaints and apathetic excuses from inside my mind.

I have a goal to finish my comic. With having my name tagged into a new anthology book has help move the funk a bit. So now I prepare to draw things I kinda know about and have drawn in the past. With the experience of thee100s looming around this next year, I am putting my work to the test.

October update

Its been a little while but alot has happened. Well it looks like I’m making art for my childrens pto group. I made some character fan art of Miguel and Dante from “COCO”. The inks are done and now its time to either leave it as is and add a background or color it with a-acrylics, b-watercolors, c-markers, or d-markers/colorpencils….

I have made a practice template, but lowandbehold I see that my ink pens start to bleed when the lines get wet!! At least when the ink is relatively fresh it does. So I made a small drawing that has some different line weights and let it dry over night to see if does any better.

Well that about it. I think when I get paid again I will buy some bristol board because I’m using watercolor paper now and find that its ok, not the best but ok. Anyways hope you like the pictures… Later

Point of the day: write down dates of projects cause is not good to cram!

Hey all, I have a small problem. I was asked by my coworker to draw about 5 different drawings about 3 weeks ago. I ordered some wish micron pens for inking and put that project on the back burner cause I thought I had more time. Haha, then today I was “reminded” that he needs the drawings by the 3rd of October.

Sunday 9/23/18 update

Here I am again with not much to show, artwise. I have had a busy week driving around southern Az multiple times and fighting sickness and time. I have started drawing on my computer again but do not like the learning curve that I must overcome.

Also, I have started to make my mind up about drawing in my sketchbook (at least one of them) and here are the images below. I’m trying to get past this block of drawing bigger characters like the hulk and thing to help me draw my H.E.V.Y. soldier of the Furst Commandos.(and a few creature faces as well)