First blog post

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Open is the door

Proofreading is a must!!!!

Please for the love of GOD!! Proofread your posts!! Hahaha, I came back after 2 days and I see that my last post said that I was bi! After almost spitting my drink out I found that somehow the word “bit” had my pictures inserted between the I and t! Let my fail be a warning to you all!


Today started out pretty rough, haha. I had to move out my sons stuff out of his apartment till about midnight. I had my wife helping out but many of the items were heavier than what she could lift, sooooo I wound up deadlifting recliner bases, dressers, night stands and crazy headboard with wrought iron trim.

I will try to make a new drawing and post today here and Instagram. Its looking like in giving up in facebook. I had the app and checked on updates far too many times each hour, compared to now whice is around twice in as many weeks. There is so much going on that my attention has shifted but I know that I need to stay focused on making art…..that is one thing I must not let go off.

Kids book idea? (Copyrighted!!!!! No stealing)

So I have been quite as of late because I’m frustrated about the heat (Arizona heat, with no A/C and the only one in my family who can drive a manual car) and hitting a wall in my art……

So I’ve been drawing and erasing like crazy. I will get half way through a drawing and scrap it, repeatedly. I have been on the same 3 layer project for the last week with nothing to show but 3 blank watchers of my doubt.

All of this fight takes place on my phone, while I have been slowly getting used to my drawing tablet (sadly not a graphics monitor…yet) and making some progress. I’m using photoshop cs2 for now because I’m having issues with clip studio. Also because every job I’ve looked up in the art field in my area wants at least 2 min years knowledge in PS….

But enough of the gripe session…. I have started on making a webtoons conversion of my comic and its super rough. I have looked around for tutorials on how to make my comic work on the webtoons platform and found a couple. Maybe I’ll post a copy here and open it up for comments… Let me know